Tommy has been sober for 1 year and is grateful

When I was using,  I fell into an inevitable cycle of darkness that plagued me day in and day out. I became a captive of the substances that were at one point,  recreational. The recreational period was brief,  but the power of the drugs outweighed any freedom I once had. I was slaving away every second of every day to get my hands on "more". I was addicted to "more".

I had been in and out of recovery and had a taste of what the life was like, which made my using even harder on me, knowing there was a better way of life if I was willing to obtain it. After numerous treatments (detox especially),  and failures,  I had enough. I came to my wits end and was tired of suffering. Tired of pain. Tired of constantly disappointing myself and my family. Tired of stealing mentally and physically. I had had enough.   I decided to get help,   I decided to reach out.

On February 11th 2016, I started this journey back to life.  The people I've met, and the friends I've made in this process, is just unparalleled by anything else I've experienced.  The life and support I receive on a daily basis is amazing, truly. I stick around and help others in my same situation because I can only keep what I have by giving it away. Today I'm blessed, today I'm grateful.  

It's been one year and life has its ups and downs but the good far outweighs the bad,  so I'll keep coming back,  Thank You =)