Todd has become an advocate for recovery


Hi, my name’s Todd, and I’m a recovering alcoholic. I took the picture on the left almost 17 months ago, outside an emergency room, at sunrise, something told me I didn’t want to forget that moment. I forget easily.

I’m going public with this now simply because I need to advocate for recovery more. We’re losing too many people to addiction. The stigma, the shame, the guilt, the self doubt, the fear, and the isolation is literally killing people. I know, I was very close to drawing my last breath with a vodka bottle in my hand several times. So how did I get here? I drank like most people for a short while, starting young, and quickly progressing to full blown by my early twenties. I survived that way for a long time, somewhat functional, although I hate that term. I did pretty well professionally, married a wonderful woman, owned a beautiful condo in Boston. Life looked good from the outside. But on the inside I was dying.

In the end I drank away my marriage, my career, all my money, many friendships, and my health suffered long term permanent damage. But I was one of the lucky ones, I still had friends and family that believed in me and supported me. So, three years ago I started by trying to quit on my own with no help, that didn’t work, it rarely does. After my best friend passed away from complications related to alcoholism, I went to treatment, thought I was cured, and did nothing else. That didn’t work. So this time I went to treatment, went to further outpatient treatment, outside counseling, dedicated myself to AA and the 12 steps, exiled myself to Cape Cod, and did absolutely nothing but focus on my recovery for a full year. So far, so good. But recovery from this is a daily effort, I know that now.

If you’re hurting, or know someone that is, reach out. It gets better. Everything gets better. Because we do get better. We do recover.

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