Terry wants you to know it's not too late

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My dream was to become a filmmaker. After graduating from film school in Orlando, Florida I then moved to Atlanta, Georgia to start interning. Before, during and after film school I used cocaine and ecstasy recreationally. During my second internship my friends and I we're getting high on cocaine one night and we ran out of coke. One of my friends then pulls out some crack. I took a hit of crack and I was instantly hooked but I didn't know it at that time! 

For about 7-8 month's I was a functional crack addict and then the drugs really overwhelmed me, I lost everything and eventually I became homeless for a while.

Literally overnight I went from pursuing my dream as a filmmaker to pursuing crack! 

I quit my second internship and I lost my job as a restaurant server. All I wanted to do was smoke crack everyday all day! Before I lost my automobile I was sleeping in it. I used to sit in the back of my Jeep Cherokee and smoke crack. On my left side I had my crack and crack pipe and on my right side I had my pen and paper trying to write screenplays. Periodically I would hear on the radio about a filmmaker or music video director shooting a project and I would smoke crack and cry because I wanted to shoot films but my dream was snatched away by an unexpected drug addiction! 

There were many nights that I rode around trying to find crack all night long with my gas hand behind E. For a while I got away without putting gas in my Jeep but on this day about 4am my Jeep would not go any further. I'm stuck and frustrated, not because I ran out of gas, but because I could not find any crack.

A few minutes later a cop pulls up behind me and before I could blink he was back in his patrol car pushing me to the gas station. I was really upset because now I had to use the $8 in my pocket to buy gas so I could make it back home.

I was sleeping here and there but I didn't care as long as I could get high. Sometimes I moved around from this friend to that friend or whoever would allow me to use their spare bedroom for a day or two.

One night I was high on crack, ecstasy, cocaine as well as being highly intoxicated and I tried to end my life with a knife,  but God would not allow me to do it. 

For the most part I was in and out of a lot of crack houses. Smoking crack and trying to find ways to get more money to smoke more crack as fast as I could. On many occasions while I was high on crack, especially when I was at a gas station I would meet people who encouraged me in the Lord.

One day as I was coming out of a gas station a guy approached me and told me I would help other addicts one day. I told him he had the wrong guy because I was smoking crack earlier and I was on my way to smoke more crack. The guy then said that Jesus had plans for me and to remember this bible scripture: Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans for peace and not evil, plans to give you a future and a hope! After I left that guy and when I got back to the crack house I smoked crack and cried but wondered if Jesus really did have plans for me.

My Grandmother was my rock and without her praying for me I would not have made it. Every time I called her to send me money, she told me to trust in Jesus, and move back home. She said she knew something was wrong but every time she asked I told her I was fine and not to worry. My grandmother would send me money and I would get to western union as quick as possible. I had one hand out receiving money from the Representative and my other hand twirling my crack pipe around in my pocket.

Eventually my grandparents talked me into moving back home. Once back in Columbia, South Carolina I was miserable and embarrassed. I swindled people out of money and did what I could to get high. As time passed I was ready to stop denying the fact that I had a serious problem. My grandmother encouraged me to join a church and seek God for help.

Although I surrendered my life to Jesus and was going to church sparingly, I really started to think about being drug free. I got reacquainted with a female friend,  our relationship moved quickly and about a year later my son was born. 

After my son was born I continued getting high but I really started thinking about going to a rehab to get help. Along my paths I lost a few jobs because of my drug addiction and I wanted to turn my life around.

My pastor was my accountability partner and my life really started to change. I stopped going to the dope houses and places I knew would trigger me to get high. I stopped calling my friends who I got high with and even changed my phone number. At church the prayers were powerful and I could tell God was doing something. 

Also my mom was a heroin addict for about 25 years and I did not want my son to grow up like my sister and I. My grandparents raised us and we went through a lot both emotionally and financially without our parents and I could not allow my son to go through that because of my drug addiction. 

One day I was in the bathroom getting high on crack and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I cried out to Jesus and these were my words: Jesus if you are Real take this addiction away because I don't want to live like this anymore. As I was crying out to Jesus I could not see him but I felt his presence all over me. The tears I cried were like tears I never cried before. I stayed in that bathroom for a while crying out to Jesus and since I walked out of that bathroom 11 Years ago I have never looked back or got high again and I absolutely love Jesus and living a drug free life. 

Now I'm on a mission to help and inspire other addicts to know that life's not over,  Jesus has a plan for their lives and "It's Not Too Late"!

Currently, I am trying to start a foundation for kids who are struggling because of their parents drug addiction. There will be programs in place to help kids emotionally, physically, give them hope, take them on trips, raise money for the kids to attend college, help them financially and also help keep siblings together instead of being separated along with other services and programs.

I would like to organize a book tour around the country to share my story in hopes of helping as many people as I can to believe again. In addition I will have "Its Not Too Late" the shirts available soon and I'm working on starting a radio show to encourage and inspire people to overcome drug addiction and to pursue  their dreams again. 

Also, I would like to shoot a film based on my book, "It's Not Too Late".