Stephie has been sober since August 22, 2012!

My name is Stephie and I've been sober since August 22nd, 2012!  At the end of my drinking I wasn't even leaving my bed. I would buy as much alcohol as I could and drink 24/7.  Every time I tried to get sober, literally hundreds of relapses, I would be so sick that it would drive me back to drinking for relief.

I prayed that I would die every day and even tried to end my own life several times. Thanks to my higher power and people that loved me until I could love myself, I was finally able to stay stopped on 8/22/12. I truly have a life beyond my wildest dreams and I owe it all to my recovery. 

Today, I'm content and happy. Life is far from perfect, but it's more than I could have ever dreamed for myself. Today, it's about giving back. To share my story loud and proud to show others struggling that it is possible no matter how long it takes. Never give up. Never stop trying. 

Sobriety is possible. You are loved. We all deserve a sober life.

~Recovery Rockstar, Stephie O, Ithaca, NY~