Stephen was homeless and hopeless until he found sobriety

My name is Stephen.  I went from homeless to hopeless then to maximum security prison to sobriety. I only got sober because of the people in the rooms of alcoholics anonymous told me how to live, and I was dying.  I wanted more than anything to obtain what they had; LIFE.

I wanted that peace, I wanted that serenity. So I did what they told me to do and let go of all my old ideas and became teachable. One day at a time.  Through the help of the program, I obtained that of which I so desired. It was simple once I dumbed it all down: Give an hour out of my day for a meeting? Help another struggling addict/alcoholic? Get a sponsor? And work the steps? And doing these things will save my life? Done and done. It's a very, very small price to pay compared to the nightmare I was living for 10 years in active addiction.

I am eternally grateful for this program. My sobriety date is 12/2/2015. Thank you all for being part of this beautiful fellowship that helped save another struggling alcoholic/drug addict from the depths of insanity. Thank you.