Today, Katie is celebrating 17 years of sobriety!

Hi! My name is Katie Lang and I am 42 years old. I am writing this on November 20th, 2016. Today I am celebrating 17 years of sobriety! Just looking back on my life and how I've been blessed with a loving husband and two beautiful children, I just want to say "THANK YOU" over and over again to my 25 year old self for making the difficult decision to get sober and not giving up when it got hard. 

Growing up I was painfully shy and had so much social anxiety. There were many times I could not even speak as a child, I would be so crippled with fear. Why I was like this, I have no idea. It made me feel so inferior and defective. I was 12 the first time I drank and that's when I knew- drinking is FUN! It made me feel so comfortable and FREE, so much better than how I felt in normal life. The only thing is that I could never have enough. I'd just guzzle and guzzle and not stop till I blacked out or passed out- always. And so, lot of bad things happened to me and I made a ton of bad decisions. Drinking alcohol so excessively made me incredibly depressed.

I went away to a program called Teen Challenge where I actually spent 2 years getting better and just learning how to live again in sobriety. It was such a blessing. There was so much love there and it was SO healing to my heart. Getting sober was such a miracle and an awesome positive change in my life that I've always been very open about it, just in case someone needs to know how much hope there is. 

In the past few years I've had so so many people come to me, privately, to tell me their struggles with addiction and needing advice. It always blows me away how many people there are out there who struggle, and who struggle in silence. I created a Facebook group called Soberlove to provide a safe and sacred space for those who are in need of some loving support in their sober journey. Just to give back some of the love I was so freely given when I needed it so badly :) It's been going amazingly so far! I also created a video called "HOW I GOT SOBER" in hopes that it would inspire someone who is feeling hopeless in their addiction but afraid to reach out. 

My heart's desire is for people to know that recovery is entirely possible. As scary as it is to start your life over, and as much time as that takes, it's also a beautiful beautiful new beginning. And you can be happy, and funny and cool sober. I mean, just look at me! ;-) Thank you for reading! 

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