Shelley has been in recovery from alcohol and cocaine since January 2014


Hello. My name is Shelley Fontenot, I am in recovery from alcohol and cocaine since January 2014. Welcome to my life.

Since 2004, my life seemed to have fallen into shambles when I left my fiancé to explore single life and do stupid shit when and where I wanted.  I liked to believe the thought of marriage had frightened me and I literally RAN! After a couple months, maybe a year of chaos with moving out of my fiancé’s parent’s house where we lived with our daughter, I started drinking heavily, doing cocaine on the regular, not loving myself at all.

In 2005 I got my first DUI… not good. My ex fiancé bailed me out of jail.  I did my treatment and succeeded and life went on. But after completing my treatment and moving all around to find stability, without my daughter, I started struggling and continued to drink heavily again. So many lies, so much deceit and so much turmoil.

2007 came and I received my second DUI. My mother and her husband came and picked me up from jail. I had the option to do treatment again and my license suspended for 30 days, this seemed like cake. Right? I mean I already know what treatment is like, it’s a breeezzee. This time around, I tested the waters in treatment, continuing to drink while in treatment not getting penalized for it as no one knew. I completed this round of treatment and made it through my 30 days of license suspension. Both times, my car was towed- who bailed that out?... my ex finance. He was in high hopes I would learn and think about our daughter and the potential life we could have BUT my drunken and high life continued.

Still drinking heavily with no regards to potential consequences, my life of drugs and alcohol became heavier and heavier. I had to rely on my friends to pick me up from bars as I was always extremely wasted. When going to bars with my friends they wouldn’t want to leave me because I would get out of control. I have been 86’d from multiple bars at this point, finding it hard to even hang out with my friends due to my irrational decisions of fighting, talking shit, or just being way too intoxication/high.

In 2010, I received my third DUI. In the process of being jailed and having to be picked up and bailed out (yet again) from my former fiancé, life was still sad. He bailed out my car, yet again. This time things were getting real serious with the courts as I had three DUI’s within the 10 year window, there’s little forgiveness for that. Not only was I being charged with DUI, I was also being charged with possession of marijuana, open container, and failing to use my lights. I was told that I would have 30 days until my license was suspended. On the 31st day at 1:30am, I was driving home and got pulled over for driving while suspended. Sadly, my girlfriend had offered to drive me home with my car and I refused because I was stubborn. I got pulled over less than 2 miles from my home. I was intoxicated and had taken a Vicodin.  Here I was again, pulled over and receiving my fourth DUI. I was hauled off to jail and was allowed to be signed out of the local station by my, YES! Ex fiancé. Thankfully! But my car was towed AGAIN! Yes, my ex fiancé bailed my car our again…. Boy, was my bill adding up with him.

I did some jail time due to the last two DUI’s. I was able to go over to the work release program and complete my college degree. So thankful my attorney fought for me as I was a college student. A few months after being released and free I started drinking again. It took me until 2013 to try and get sober.

2013 started and I began my journey. At this point I knew that I could no longer treat my family and friends like I was. I wanted to be a role model for my daughter.  I no longer wanted to feel sad, anger, ashamed, hidden or whatever the hell I was feeling. I reached out to my mom and asked her to attend AA meetings with me and to help me, work on me. She stood by me with no judgement and knew I needed this.

11 months of sobriety and being with my mom I was killing it. Until that moment, I sat in the bar where I was so familiar with, thinking I could have one drink.  The bartender, who is my friend, shared the uncomfortable feeling I made her feel because she knew I was working hard on being sober. She wouldn’t serve me so I ordered from someone else. BAM! The cycle started yet again.

Luckily this time, it lasted only a month and a half. After seeing how I was making other people feel, I knew I needed help with my sobriety and it needed to come from outside my norm. So, I reached out to my friend Joey, who is a confidence coach counselor.  We began the harsh truth of my addiction and why I was so easily manipulated to continue drinking.

very week I would meet with my confidence coach counselor and we would dig deep. My sobriety was more than just my addiction.  It was about myself worth and what I was meant to do here on this earth. Looking deep into my insecurities and finding the areas in my life that I was unhappy with helped me make HUGE changes in my life as well as helped me focused on striving for my sobriety and my sanity.

In 2014, January 16th, I began the harsh journey of sobriety with my friend and counselor, Joey. She is amazing!  She knew me during my drinking days and all my stuggles. She’s a friend and a part of my family. A year into my sobriety, I asked my boyfriend/baby daddy to move out. FAST TRACK! He was the same man who had been my ex-finance. We stuck together through every roller coaster I offered up. After asking him to move and fighting to get him to actually do it, he realized that maybe that’s what we needed. We both were heading down to different paths, me sobriety and him.. Hmmm.. I’m not sure-I will not place my opinion on that here. We have lived separately since, me and the kids here in my home and him in his own place since and we have grown to respect each other like we did when we first met.

After my sobriety started, I started hitting marks in my life that were extremely rewarding. Work recognitions, higher pay, getting out of debt, being able to be there for my mom as she fought with Cancer. I was there for my children during their milestones. Even though I cannot drive still to this day (license is revoked) we make our life happen and we have such an amazing support system.

In 2015 my mom passed, I thought for sure I’d slip, but I stayed strong. I remembered a conversation my mom and I had concerning my addiction, and how scared she was that when I lost her, I would go back to drinking. I was sober during the whole roller coaster she took me on, there was NO reason for me to go backwards. I promised her I would never open that book again...EVER.  

Two weeks after my mother passed, her husband committed suicide. I knew I was strong. I knew this was the ultimate test. I stayed real to myself and reached out to people who knew me when I felt the need to drink. I also seeked counseling. I made it through the craziest of storms. Months later, my daughter felt she was a burden to me and she attempted suicide. Thankfully, she is here today to see me strong while fighting for myself and my sobriety.

Amazing things have happened.  I AM SOBER!  Today, I am a home owner before the age of 40. I have two healthy kids that I get to watch grow strong and beautiful. I have an angel by my side. When you think life is tough, sit down and breathe. Be thankful for the smallest things and know that your story can save someone, can inspire someone, can be the “slap” someone needs. You never know until you start fighting for YOU!

To this day, I share my story via Facebook.  My journey has been shared since I started it via facebook. I share via Instagram in photos I have taken and been photos I've inspired by. I have found #sobersistas to reach out to or to laugh with via the internet world. I have found the comfort within myself to share in my story in hopes of touching a soul out there.  From my friends to their friends to friends of friends… It is unlimited, as is life. I share my story and have friends that have started their personal journey to sobriety.  I send out mailings called “happy mail” to remind them they to are important and matter. Touching hearts and souls is my thing. I share because I know someone out there, just like you and me, is struggling to feel “normal.”

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