Sara is 5 years alcohol free


Rolling into St Patrick’s Day like...
On a serious note (head up, emotional side coming out): This was me, on my last night drinking, and I went out with a bang for sure. There are all different levels of alcohol addiction and mine wasn’t the every day kind, mine was the zero to 100 kind, the FOMO of every good moment, the peacocking life-of-the-party kind.

My addiction was to the feeling I got with people wanting to live like you won’t see tomorrow. And I almost didn’t. After an accident ended up hospitalized for 9 of the scariest days of my life, and removing alcohol was medically induced at first, and I knew this was a moment where I needed to firmly pick a direction. As a person who didn’t have one drink with dinner, who wanted an all or nothing night each time I went out, knew what the right choice for me was, but the idea of changing my life was overwhelming. How will my friends view me when I refuse drinks, how will my family view me when I admit I was living too aggressively for a long time, and how am I ever going to meet a man to date when the first gesture is offering to buy a woman a drink? Never mind how terrified I was to tell my co-workers what happened to me. I cold turkey cut myself off and decided my new life was not going to consist of shots, and blacking out anymore. It’s not easy, I promise you that.

If you want to know who your true friends are, quit drinking. I lost a couple people who I used to consider “best” friends because they couldn’t get on board with my new lifestyle. I have changed so much about myself since this day, but tried to stay as true to myself as I could. I will admit I feel boring and very old now, and at times like an outsider looking in when in groups where everyone else drinks. The question “why don’t you drink?” gets so old from strangers or people I haven’t seen in long periods of time, as if that is dysfunctional. I didn’t intend on writing this much, but if my post can help one person out there my heart will be filled with joy. Our society puts so many pressures on us and it is hard to break away from the pack, but it’s worth it. Tomorrow will be 5 years alcohol free!