Nora is now clean and a happy mother


(My english is not so good but I would like to try)

I’m Nora and I am an addict. I started when I was 17 with injecting cocaine then heroin and later I mixed. I was on almost every drug you can get in Germany. I was also Homeless for a long time and I was sitting in the streets begging for money

I want to tell my story to help others to believe in change and success and let them know they should never give up!

I did a drug withdrawal almost 2y ago… my 34th try and it was hard because the effects of methadone are much harder as from heroine ..but I stayed strong. I met the best boyfriend ever and a wonder happened.. our little daughter Eva comes to our life.

Now I am a happy mother and I don’t even think about drugs or alcohol. Sometimes it is hard without a calming helper but I started to do meditation and other relaxation exercises.
I don’t post my child to social media but believe me, she is the most beautiful Girl in Earth.. ..nah... of universe!!!

I succeeded and you will also do it!!! I almost gave up and I am glad i did not!!

The first pic was me short before I go to detox. I was totally stoned by many drugs and alcohol. The second is me now :)