Mr. Ant is over 4 years sober!


"Grateful AF twin daddy rocking in another year clean and sober. Upon getting sober I had no expectations on it except to stop living in a self built prison. There's no golden ticket nor is it a lottery, someone doesn't hand you a key to all your dreams and fantasies. However I took my hand off the self destruct button gave it a chance and gave up all I thought I knew. 

After much growth, self building and learning, I got to the point that I was ready to start chasing that golden ticket. I've slowly but surely came to where I'm at. Sometimes I get down that someone may be further then me in life, but I quickly snap back, remind myself of my past, stop comparing myself and remain proud of what I, a recovering drug addict, has done and over come. I'm a very proud father to twins and am so happy with this life I was blessed with, truly a grateful addict and wouldn't change my past for anything nor do I regret it. God bless." -Recovery Rockstar, Mr. Ant.