Mitch is a grateful recovering alcoholic


My name is Mitch and I am a grateful recovering alcoholic. When I look back at my life before I got sober, I truly had no understanding for the real world. I did not care for my own well-being. Drinking was not a fun thing to do, it was the only thing to do.

I was lucky enough to get this AA thing young, and still have the same date I got back in 2013 when I was 15. To anyone who is young and thinks they can’t do it, that they may not fit in, and that they can’t see results that relate to them, see that everything you could ever want is easily accomplished if you put your effort towards it.

My life is truly a gift of the program. Where I am, what I do, and the people who I get to love and who love me back. Thank you for my sobriety and the amazing times I have had in this program

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