Mike is a warrior that is 1 year sober

My name is Mike and I am an addict.  

My choice of drug is cocaine.  It was the best feeling in the world to me while using until I felt the natural high in beginning stages of sobriety.  

I started using cocaine down the Jersey Shore at the age of 21 with friends while partying there every weekend.  Never in my life at that time did I think I would be 32 years old and broke and addicted to cocaine.  Well it happened.  

I began to get drunk and do coke weekly. Wasn't every night, but if I wanted to escape my miserable self, I would get high.  Then as I became busier with work and making more money it got worse. As my life was changing for the better in real life, the demon wouldn't let anything bring me to happiness.   As things should all be coming together as a young hard working man they were.  I bought an investment   LOST IT.  Got a corporation for my business. LOST IT. Got accepted into DSNY and just needed to pass drug test. LOST IT. Went to Atlantic City, remember counting 28,000 in chips... LOST IT.  So many things happened to me I could keep going.  

As using a negative drug daily I began to not care about anything else besides getting high but I was just sick of living in misery.  I was hiding from my fiancé, my family, and everyone else who means the world to me due to the simple fact they would notice it.  I was broken for about 2 years.  Living life just to get high.  I was lying about bills being paid. I was gambling all my money away like I was rich.  I was working for drugs and gambling.   Although I was a serious addict I never once robbed anyone due to my fathers upbringing. My father was a NYC narcotic detective so he always showed me that if you want something you must work for it.   He is one amazing man and even though he raised me the correct way, I became a drug addict

I finally gained the strength to come forward to everyone on March 26, 2016 and I can honestly say I was reborn.  I told myself there was no other options   I did not want to go to rehab because I knew I got myself into it and I could get myself out of it.   I just had a positive mindset and knew that I had this.  I said to myself "I can not go back in time but I do control my future".  I want to be the man my parents raised me to be.  I was a young lost man who finally faced reality and noticed I wasn't going anywhere on the dark journey.  I just knew it was my last day of partying!

I did my last bag of coke and drank my last beer in my truck as I cried for hours. I was ready to face the fact that if I continue using drugs I am going to die or end up a crackhead in the streets.   I promised myself I would gain the strength to overcome this addiction.  I asked my best friend for guidance through recovery. My best friend Armand died of an overdose and I promised the day I got the call that "I would never do drugs again" I LIED.  I even did coke in his memorial days because I was selfish and a drug addict.  

I began to see 11 11 more and more as things got easier. I started to feel my guardian angel with me. My fiancé stood by my side. My family opened their arms. My friends came together and picked my spirits up. I rescued a terminally ill dog who has subaotic stenios had no chance of making 6 months. She is now 11 months and healing herself. I began to meet people involved in rescue and they opened my eyes to a new HIGH.  

I found my new addiction. 

There is no better feeling then being around a team of selfless people who care for animals and will do whatever it takes. I learned that I can be a positive addict and get high from helping animals in anyway possible.  I built playgrounds for the rescued goats and other animals 4 months into sobriety. I am more active with Goats Of Anarchy, who is a special needs goat sanctuary. This first hand rescue life opened my eyes and filled my dark void negative addiction with positive addiction. 

I began to rescue and place dogs with my fiancé until I met a few Pitbull lovers and we started our own rescue. No More Pain Reacue has helped many animals in horrible situations in a short period of time. Just a few selfless people who want to help as many animals as possible.  We gained a great following and continue to help more and more animals. We live for it. My fiancé who is not an addict was always an animal lover and she jumped right in with my desire to help animals.  We met Lara and Jazzy through a previous rescue and started to work together. We do whatever it takes and I can finally say I've never been happier.  

I can go on and on, but I don't want to write a book. I just want to show the world that change is possible.  People need to realize that because you're an addict, it doesn't mean you can't change.  You can change.  You can still be an addict but just no longer use drugs, you use real life situations to get high.  It takes endless amounts of time to prove to your loved ones that you changed but you need to do whatever it takes.  You used to do whatever it takes to get high.  Right? So you know what has to be done. Get to work.  

As people see you putting in the effort to get better, they will begin to want to help you. No one can change you. YOU have to change yourself. You broke yourself.  Now fix yourself.  Don't expect sympathy from anyone, they didn't do it.  Just face the fact that YOU did it.  Anyone who believes in you will support you. Anyone who does not, you can't blame them but just show them with actions things changed.  

I wake up and say, "I am going to capture today. I am a warrior! I am ready and willing to do whatever it takes to complete today sober."  As the days go on, it gets easier and easier. I counted days until about 6 months and then I started to count months. I will be 1 year sober in 2 days and it feels like it was yesterday.  Time flies when your happy! 

I hope that my story has inspired you in one way or another, but more importantly to show people that addicts can change!

Fuck drugs ..... Save Animals