Meet Recovery Rockstar, Taylor

I'm Taylor and I am a addict from northern Minnesota.

When I was 14 years old I smoked marijuana with my cousin & began drinking alcohol around that same time. In High School I was a mix between a trouble maker, a nerd, & outcast. I remember skipping classes to smoke cigarettes & marijuana. By the time I was 16 years old, my mother sent me to south Minneapolis Teen Challenge for my marijuana & alcohol use. I stayed for a short stint and by the time I was done is when I went back to the same stuff.

I was 17 by the time I first tried meth. I've been a meth addict for 7 years now. After I graduated High School I remember partying non-stop. I got 3 of my own places & lost jobs over and over because of meth. Everything felt good until I realized I was homeless & the party officially ended when chasing the high was all I cared about.

I made several suicide attempts, multiple treatments, losing everything I know and love. On the night of May 27th 2016 I slammed a gram of meth, ate 53 anxiety / sleep / & antipsychotic pills, & had 6 beers. The morning after (May 28th) my mother found me unconscious in the back yard. I was airlifted an hour south with toxicology report stating my blood level was .4. I was 130 pounds & should be dead. I was in a coma for 3 days before waking up & spent a week in mental health psych ward, before completing a 45 day intensive treatment. I graduated & transitioned to a sober living home.

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia & dissociative disorder when I was 19 which was drug induced. I see hear & talk to things that aren't really there. I try to keep myself busy 24/7 keeping myself on a structured Tim schedule, & being around GOOD family & friends. I believe part of my propose right now at this time in my life is to grow & teach others to do the same.

I was so close to death. God could have brought me home..but he didn't, I'm obviously here for a reason. If my story can help or change ANYONE, addict or not, well then that means that I have touched someone's life and that's something worth leaving behind. I believe I'm a rebel born from resilience. I went from my darkest moment of trying to kill myself with a overdose, to coming out on the other side stronger than I was before.

I now have nearly 70 days clean.  My life is truly a miracle & blessing. Much love.

-God bless, Taylor.

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