Meet Recovery Rockstar, Marilee

I love being clean and sober.

I grew up in a good household. Good parents and 4 sisters. I knew I was a little different from my sisters in that I would do things I wasn't supposed to do. I was a little rebel. Then when I started school I saw another difference, I was always disruptive in class. I could never stay still. I didn't listen to my teachers. I always had a hard time in school. My teachers made me feel like I was a bad kid. This lasted all the way through to high school. So I started cutting classes and drinking and smoking.

After school, I got married and had 2 kids. I always felt I had my partying under control. But then I found out my husband fooled around on me. I didn’t know how to deal with that so I dealt with the pain the best I knew how, I drank alcohol.

I started drinking my pain away. I started going out to feel better about myself. I found cocaine then meth and pills.  I was in love. And I went straight for the dealer and made him mine.

I signed my kids over to my ex husband without a second thought. So for years I used and drank. I went from job to job to no job. And dealer to dealer. I went in and out of treatment facilities and detox.

It was dark, lonely, and scary. I finally thought I was gonna lose my mind. It was starting to affect my sanity. I got scared, so I got clean and sober for the 5th time.  This time I did what was told to me as suggestions. I got a sponsor, a home group, I got into service, and I am still working the steps. Really, every day.

I now have an amazing job working with special needs kids at a high school. I try to Influence others to lead a healthy life. I train with weights and run a couple healthy groups on Facebook.

I stay grateful everyday. That's one of the biggest changes in me. I have my kids back in my life. They've shown me nothing but love. I have a therapist I see and I am on meds for ADHD.

I'm not one to hide how happy I am to be clean and sober. It's my life now and I love it. Don't ever give up on yourself and try your hardest to learn through others. You don't have to live out your 'yets' and always remember where you came from.