Meet Recovery Rockstar JP

She’s 31 years old, has lived in San Diego since 2013 and loves sand between her toes. She’s passionate about helping people and credits God for her strength.


Her addiction to alcohol started in her early college years. She was a functional alcoholic and it wasn’t until she got busted with a DUI at 18, that she began to slow down a bit. Then, she married an alcoholic and the insanity began again. Bacardi and coke became the drink of choice to numb the unhappiness and make everything just “go away.” When that drink failed to do the trick, doubles, whiskey and wine were added to the mix. After the divorce, she found herself wrapped into a new relationship with a man that also had his own addictions. Porn, women, Adderol, cocaine and alcohol were just a few. A move to Texas and another move to San Diego, were her attempts at ‘finding happiness.’

Threshold Moment: May 2014…too many vodka tonics at a concert and before she knows it, JP is in a cab with her best friend, fighting and yelling at each other. She ditches the cab and starts walking home from National City. A stranger she met at the concert comes to her rescue and drives her home. JP blacks out and wakes up with the stranger leaving her house at 3am. Humiliated and mortified, she sough out a colleague who’s been sober for 7 years. He told her to go an AA meeting. With no hesitation and determined to get sober, she tried AA for a few months. She thought if she got sober, at least she could try to repair her broken friendships and stop the insanity with leaning on alcohol to socialize. But that sobriety only lasted till July 4th…she broke down and had a few beers with her alcoholic father while on vacation.


It wasn’t until October 2014, when she had another Threshold Moment: A Friday night out in PB sounded so enticing. She met friends in PB, threw a few back, bar hoped to PB Shore Club and before she knew it, was walking on the beach with strangers again. She remembers blacking out; swimming in the ocean; blacking out again; and wakes up with no pants on; surrounded by hundreds of people and about 10 police squad cars in cuffs, asking her “Do you know where you are?” Humiliated once again, she begged the police to let her take an UBER home and somehow pulled off not going to jail for drunk in public. The UBER ride home only got her to where the 52 and the 5 intersected before JP demanded to get out the UBER. It wasn’t until she found herself walking along interstate 5 at 3:30am on October 15th, and yet another stranger pulls over and asks her if she “needs a ride,” for the last drunken Threshold Moment…she finally accepted she’s got a problem with alcohol and she was sick of going in circles.  

She promised herself she would give 100% effort to the AA program again. She went to meetings every night for the first 6 months, and now, still goes at least once a week. She’s worked the 12-step program and also sponsors two other addicts. She’s 16 months sober today and celebrates two years on October 15th!  JP says the clarity in her life today, is incredible! She is the happiest she has ever been, is making good decisions and doesn’t have the pain of anxiety or last nights decisions on her mind, lurking.


In fact, during a recent 10-day fast, JP admits God answered a prayer she had been praying about, since she first got sober: Her purpose in life. JP says after deep prayer, God spoke to her on the 7th day of her fast – and she now knows exactly, what her purpose is here on earth. (Stay tuned for more on this…she says it’s top secret until the project is revealed in early 2017).

To those suffering, she offers these words of advice...You are stronger than your addiction. It’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be really hard. But if you are tired of the insanity, tired of going in circles, and want a life of clarity, of good decision making, of natural highs (yes, those exist!), you have to get help. AA has changed my life and it can change yours too. But you have to work the steps. You have to go to meetings and you have to believe that this program works. The only time someone has failed in AA is when they don’t do the work. Do the work, and you will change your life.

To those who have a loved one that is suffering, she offers these words of wisdom... You can’t change someone, but you can be their rock and give them tools to get help. Read about the addiction. Try to see their point of view. It will help you communicate with them so you can get them the help, when they finally want it. Set examples for them.

Favorite Inspirational quote/book:

”I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13
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