Meet Recovery Rockstar, John G


My addiction to mind and mood altering chemicals started very young, even by today’s standards. As a somewhat impressionable child of 4 years I was surrounded by the comradery and behavior of a motorcycle club. This left me with an idealistic view of the social structure involved. By age nine I was smoking weed and experimenting with harder street drugs. This pattern progressed and grew, as did I. I managed to make it to college and with a period of abstinence I excelled. Still selling drugs for over a decade I was introduced to the pill mills and potential profits there in. It quickly got the best of me, and after exhausting all my resources I moved on to a cheaper alternative for my fix, Heroin…

I’ve never been so powerless in my life, I lost the ability to be a functional member of the world, and all of my close relationships slowly fell to pieces over the next several years. I became a thief and a fiend, exploiting any and everything/one I could. After 8 felony convictions, multiple violations of probation, rehab attempts and failures, I knew I had to turn myself in before I died. I had come to understand my hopelessness, furthermore, I had to be locked up in a cage to even stop using. I could not make it on my own. While in jail I lost my stepfather, he was someone I admired greatly and seeing the pain on my mother’s face broke me completely, I had to find a new way of life! I accepted a 5 year Drug Court sentence and haven’t looked back since!

I asked to be sent to a 30 day in-patient program, where I opened up and allowed people to help me. I thought I had all the answers for so long, however I was aware of where my ‘answers’ got me. I didn’t get caught up in the drama at rehab, I maintained a focus that paralleled my time in college. I knew I had it in me to do the next right thing, I just didn’t know how. From that program I went to a 4 month half-way house. Slowly being reintroduced to working a fulltime job, cooking for myself and others, cleaning, and having responsibilities was a beneficial experience in early recovery. After a month I became ‘house father’ in a separate smaller house designated for those who were doing the right thing. I remained head of that house for the next 3 months until completion.

I started doing step work with my counselor while in the halfway house, I had to try to do something new. I had to try to find a way to never go back to that miserable existence from my past. I quickly got a sponsor, a home group, a commitment to that group, and became very active in the recovery community. After about a year I was asked to return what was given to me and sponsor someone else, it was an honor! I try to carry the message of hope, that someone as broken as I was could find recovery and live a new way of life! Finding a fellowship and meeting people with substance is huge! Surrounding myself with positivity, starting to gain back those valuable feelings of self-worth, compassion, acceptance, and hope, inspired me to do more. I started working in a treatment program shortly after my 2nd year in recovery. Also started my own T-shirt Company at the same time.

Now, I live such a blessed life! I’m almost through my first year of business and my partner and I have a rapidly growing company. The doors that continuously open up in my life are nothing short of divine.  I have a beautiful girlfriend of over 18 months, I have the unique ability to give back to the community through my business, and I currently have three spondee’s still doing this thing and finding a new way to live! I have faith that no matter what life has to throw at me, I NEVER need to use a drink or drug to find a solution to my problem. I try to do my best every day, and of course I fall short and incur set-backs, however staying grounded in the principles, and leaning on the friends I have made along my journey, help me keep moving forward every chance I get. I wish the same for all of YOU! Don’t ever count yourself out! You are your own beautiful person! You can do this! Ask for help! Let people who have found peace and serenity help you!

God Bless you and yours!

With love,

John Griffith