Meet Recovery Rockstar, Jasmine

My name is Jasmin and I suffer from anorexia nervosa and I have been suffering for four years now. I was diagnosed with anorexia when I was 14. Before I was diagnosed I noticed that my thoughts were all the time on food, calories, weight and exercise. I, for a second, got worried and I went to ask help from my school nurse. After that anorexia took over and I started to lose a lot of weight.

I got a referral to the eating disorder clinic and I spent four weeks at the day hospital. I had a really good connection with my nurse and I felt like she understood me.

One year later I was moved to the psychiatric clinic because of my self destructive behavior and my nurse and doctors there didn't understand my eating disorder at all which was very difficult for me. I was with them for one year and I noticed that their ignorance just made my condition worse so we decided to ask for a referral back to the eating disorder clinic. My nurse and doctor at the psychiatric clinic told me that my BMI was not low enough and that I was not thin enough to get help from the eating disorder clinic even if I wanted to. I couldn't take them anymore so I quit my treatment with them and started psychotherapy.

Currently I struggle again but I am determined to convince my doctors that I NEED HELP from the eating disorder clinic before my condition becomes critical.  I want to break the stigma that you need to be "thin enough" or have a low BMI to get help. Anorexia is a psychological illness that comes in all sizes. EVERYONE DESERVES HELP!

I want to get help because I want to be able to finish my last year of high school and become a vet.  I want to be able to take care of my dogs. I want to be able to live on my own. I want to be able to travel around the world without worrying about what I should eat. I want to live a life without constant anxiety and remorse.

Everyone deserves help no matter what BMI or weight they have. Everyone deserves help no matter the sex and gender,  age, ethnicity, and religion. Everyone is worthy of help that they need and want.

Fight for the help that you feel like you need. Sometimes you need to fight the bureaucracy to get through to people and to make them understand that YOU NEED HELP!