Meet Recovery Rockstar, Courtney

8/18/22 is a day that forever changed my life!! 

I remember my last day of drinking, until I blacked out of course, like it was yesterday!! I can even remember the smell of alcohol and cigarettes mixed together on that day, mainly cherry bombs. Waking up on this day 4 years ago with embarrassment, a death hangover that lasted a week, shame, worrying about who I pissed off, and the "oh fuck, what did I do" icky feeling. It wasn't until my then boyfriend (at the time) recapped what was once again the normal for me. To top it off, I lost our sweet little fur baby because in my black out stage I left the screen door open.  Fortunately, I found her 2 days later.  I lived that continuous viscous cycle for 11 years. 

That day was my last, I hit rock bottom. I had many, but this time I knew I had to change because everything I loved was about to be gone. I finally put the bottle down and decided to give this life a go without drinking, which held me back for so many years!! It crippled ME and my life, jobs, friendships, perception, health, money, relationships, opportunities, special occasions...all things that are such a blessing in life. I continuously chased the feeling of escaping reality. 

Today, I live a life of purpose, gratitude, love and an abundance of joy for life and the people in it. Something that was never there in my years of drinking. I know it's not easy and some days are fucking hard but it's worth it, it is, so, so, so worth it!! Recovery is possible!

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