ODAAT! Mandy is now sober 4 years 8 months!

My name is Mandy, I am an alcoholic. I started drinking and smoking pot when I was 14 years old; my disease progressed throughout high school and into my 20's. By the time I was 31 my alcoholism had a cocaine addiction.

I had racked up 4 DUI's in 4 years, lost my job, my license, my marriage was over, and I had no place to live with 3 children. I had hit my own personal rock bottom. I reached out to my older sister and asked for help, and she agreed to let me and my children live with her. One of her many conditions were I had to attend AA meetings in a regular basis.

I walked into the rooms unaware of God's plans for me, but I had a little willingness to surrender my life to something I knew nothing about. I only knew my way wasn't working. I showed up to meetings every week and began to listen and trust what those people were saying. I was told who my sponsor was and we started working the 12 steps.

My life began to change! I moved out of my sister's house and into my own place.  I've kept the same employment for more than 2 years!  I'v gained some gratitude, forgave others even when they didn't forgive me, and kept showing up in every situation life presented.

I'm now sober 4 years and 8 months, I'm a mother to my children, engaged, getting ready to purchase my first home. I serve in the fellowship of recovery and give my God all the glory for my spiritual awakening. I know there's not just one action that's kept me sober; they're are many simple acts put together to create a new being. But first things first; I don't pick up a drink or drug, one day at a time.

Thanks for the opportunity to share!

Mandy N.