Lindsay discovered her purpose and found freedom from her ED

I wasn’t supposed to get an eating disorder. I didn't want the broken ribs, osteopenia, fainting, and other health problems I don't care to revisit. My life was upside down. While things may have appeared "fine", my identity and soul were slowly dying and my body crumbling. I tried every “traditional” treatment you can think of over the course of 7 years.






None of it worked and I blamed myself. I knew there was no one-size-fits-all approach for ED recovery, but come ON.

It wasn’t until my first yoga class, that my course was altered. It was as if the teacher was speaking directly to me and after time, the teacher became my role model without even knowing it. But, YOGA is not what “worked.” Here’s what did: finding my purpose and getting a role model. Discovering your purpose, your WHY for recovery, is THE most important thing.

I shifted the blame from myself and instead blamed the approaches. I stopped focusing on why I had the eating disorder and instead focused on WHY I wanted to live free. Once my why became clear, the how was easy. I completed yoga teacher training in NYC. Went to India to study. Started teaching yoga and actually LIVING. I fully found freedom from that $hit*EaD.

Now I am a wife, a mom and an ED Recovery Coach, where I get to help clients reach their true potential and crush ED for good. The coaching has allowed me to contribute in a more meaningful way in the Austin community and I facilitate a free ED Recovery & Empowerment group. My purpose evolves, but it will always be about empowering others to achieve their dreams. “I’m not my eating disorder. I’m not my body. I’m not my mind. I’m something divine.”