Recovery is a blessing to Lauren

Freedom! What a relief to release the relationship I had with booze. It's important to celebrate these small wins on my journey. To keep me strong and to remind me of what I am able to move beyond. Pic on the left was my birthday 3 years ago. I can laugh looking at it now because I have compassion for the struggle I was feeling and the problem I was denying I had. And because I actually drank that shot!

I know now that booze is poison to my mind, body and spirit. At one point, that looked like the solution to the pain. The person on the right is comfortable in her skin, present and able to own her mistakes along with owning her dreams, decisions, and creating a future. Recovery is a blessing. It's a process. It's a way of life. 4.18.2016 was my first day of sobriety.

I am here today and sober because of recovery and the daily work I do to heal and grow. It's hard to imagine I would still be sober if I had stopping drinking when I did but did nothing else different to change my habits, my stress triggers and my support system. I didn't know what a life without booze looked like. Many of us don't. We just have to trust and begin. Drinking used to be right up there with breathing, whether I wanted it to be or not. Now my recovery has taken that sacred spot.

We get here because of small changes, surrender, commitment, patience and getting honest. If I stay sober, I get to create live a life of happiness and joy and living as the truest version of who I was meant to be. I am beyond grateful for the support I've found here in this community and from all of you. I am here to serve others because I still stand on the shoulders of giants and we are better together than doing this life alone. We are loved. It's time to live without limits. xo Lauren