Lathan is 1,000+ days sober


1,000 days came and went and I didn't realize. Sometimes I get so hyper focused on where I WANT to be, I forget to slow down and REALLY appreciate how far I've come. I get so caught up in the grind and hustle of life that I forget to slow down and remember that everything I have, was initially on a list of things I dreamt of early on. I am super blessed.

My life is 10,000 times better than it was over 1,000 days ago... I do not "do life" perfectly, I have made a million mistakes. I have been discouraged, scared and unsure at times on whether or not I was going to make it in this marathon of life. God, my friends, girlfriend, family and sponsors have stood by as I fell flat on my face or struggled from time to time. Each time collectively teaming up to dust me off and give me the strength and direction needed to get back in the game. The team that wins isn't the one that succeeds every single game. It's the team that unites, keeps an eye on the big picture and keeps pressing forward no matter what.

I am grateful as hell to be on that kind of a team. This NEVER HAS BEEN a ME thing, this has ALWAYS been a WE thing. I may not be where I want to be yet in life, maybe I never will be. As new goals form and dreams get bigger I will keep grinding on, but it's vital that I remain grateful for what I have, remain teachable for the million lessons I've yet to learn, remain hungry for the possibilities to come, and stay tight spiritually so that I'm actually useful to God and those around me.

I've probably never been so busy in my life, but movement doesn't necessarily equal progress. I must continue to ask myself as I take inventory of my life; "Where can I continue to grow?"...And THANK YOU ALL for the never ending love, support and patience! I LOVE YOU ALL!"

-Recovery Rockstar, Lathan