Kevin is over 16 months sober


I’m Kevin Downes and I’m 16 months sober. In the end, I lost my children and my partner of 6 years because alcohol was my down fall. Once I was drunk, then came the drugs, but drinking was always my main offender. The only way I can explain when I drink a beer is when I drink it, I drink someone else’s personality. I urinated myself in a pub in front of all my mates the last time I drank and from that day on, I vowed to get my life together. I was at rock bottom with no friends, no family and no trust left from anyone. I was a drop out alcoholic.

Once I lost my family, I lost my career and my drivers license… nothing was getting better for me. I joined AA, I was reluctant but would give anything a try to get better.

16 months later, I found my place back in the community and I landed a well paying job and ended up buying a car after a 6 year ban. I’m happier now and my life makes more sense than the dark days and I found God, He helps me everyday!

There is a nice ending to my story. I got married on Sunday 29th, July 2018. I got my women back finally and my kids. Also, my kids were my flower girls and page boys at the wedding. I am over 16 months sober!

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