Ken has been sober for 969 days

My name is Ken DeCesare and for about 10 years I was an addict & alcoholic. During that time, I lost everyone I knew and everything I had.  I almost lost my life. Nothing seemed to stop me though as I just kept careening from one new low to another.  Almost like the game Limbo, the theme of my life was "how low can he go?"

Finally, I hit rock bottom - facing multiple criminal charges and having the most embarrassing thing I've ever done (even though I don't remember) plastered on TV. With the help of a friend, I found the courage to ask for help and get treatment.  In treatment, I realized that I wasn't alone, which is something I never realized before. I decided I was going to pick myself back up, turn my life around & never go back!

By the grace of God, I've been sober for 969 days today.  And since completing treatment, I've actually partnered with my former counselor to start a non-profit organization called Invest in Recovery. Our mission is to help people in recovery reconnect with the community and reduce their risk of relapse thru employment assistance.  We help them find employers open to second chances, get hired and then we help them to keep their jobs. Unemployed people in recovery are twice as likely to relapse than those with jobs.

The thing I want you to take away from this is very simple:  If I can do it anyone can. Once you decide that you are done going down that road and ready to change your life for good - You have the power to do it! Nothing is more powerful than your own desire to create a better life for yourself. Keep going, keep your head held high, help one another & let's make a difference!

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