Kayla is 18 months clean and serene


Freedom is available, you must choose to receive it. These photos are only 3 years apart the left is someone who's soul was riddled with hatred, emptiness and sadness. I thought I would always be this broken, damaged girl with a hidden heart but my mind was the illusion because each of us are capable of greatness and achieving the impossible we put limitations on. 

To the right is me 26 years old and clean.  Both these women I am so proud of because at these different stages of my life I was fighting the best way I could to survive, to overcome my pain, to battle my struggles and to eventually get to where I can stand today admiring the journey I have made so far in my life, recognizing the goodness in me as a person, acknowledging my potential, and knowing I am so much more then the addicted, incapable and lost girl I once was.

 My addiction consumed my mind, body and sprit it hasn't been easy breaking away from it, life just wasn't meant to be so simple. My last relapse was the darkest experience of my life due to the circumstances but I certainly am so blessed to have come across some of the most beautiful humans I have ever had the pleasure of having in my life by coming into recovery and being a part of NA. 

I owe that all to my special angel because he got me back there. When he had to leave this earth it's the place that saved me and it's been the most life changing gift anyone could ever have opened the door too. 

Yes I still struggle to carry my pain some days but today I live not exist, love not hate, develop faith through hope and today I am proud ✨✨