Julie has been clean and sober for 7 years

I've been 7 years clean and sober!  I qualified as an alcoholic years before I even knew I was. I thought it was normal to drink to get drunk. Once I admitted I had a problem, I still hadn't completely surrendered! I looked at all the other people in the rooms, and looked at the differences, not the similarities. It took me three more miserable years of hitting all the "yets" I couldn't relate to in meetings. Anyone that can relate to that thinking, keep in mind it does get much worse!

I had to change everything and stop playing the victim. I had to own up my part in things. I had a hard time being patient in the process, I truly thought my problems were due to drinking. I quickly learned, it was my thinking and attitudes towards life. Grateful I found a life beyond anything I could of imagined.

If I would of made a list of all the things I wanted in early sobriety, I'd sell myself short. The ability to have freedom in life, would be reason enough. The fear I constantly felt, has subsided. I owe it all to working a program with my sponsor's guidance, working the twelve steps, getting out of self, meditation and having faith in my higher power. "We will be amazed, before we are half way through!" The promises surely have come true. Huge blessings in my life. I still work through life one day at a time, so simple, yet so powerful. 

I could not fathom seven years sober, when I first came in the rooms! Even 30 days seemed unbearable! So if you have abstained from using any substance for one day, you're truly a miracle! You're the most important people in the rooms. Keep Coming back! Thank you to my sober community! It's so great to see millions of people get raw and real. I hope to continue to see people share their experience, strength and hope. 🙏🎂🎉 "Pain is the touchstone of growth." 

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