Josh lives in long term recovery

I'm an addict my name is Josh. I live in long term recovery today. 

Grew up heavy in sports my father was my coach and all my family was very successful. I felt like I could never measure up or be "good enough". My disease started at a very young age. The common progression from marijuana and alcohol to prescription meds. That progression happened all in one year from 8th grade to 9th grade. By 11th grade Sports we're no longer my priority. I was caught up and in the drug life and before I knew it I was physically dependent on prescription medication. The first time I realized what withdrawals were it scared me and that fear of withdrawing made me do a lot of things I would normally have not done. When I graduated I was in full-blown addiction.

After I graduated is when my story takes a significant turn. My father was injured at work and was home on disability leave. My disease manipulated the situation and somehow convinced him to do meds with me. Our diseases progressed heavily together my parents split and it was just me and him. We were both shooting heroin regularly and anything else we could get a hold of!

My father got sober and got his family back!!

He then kicked me out and I was shipped to FL. I was finally ready for this program of action. Yes I have relapsed because of stopping my action. But I'm happy to say today I am a Father, Husband, Brother, son, and friend. All gifts of sobriety. 

I want nothing more than to use my experience to break the stigma associated with addiction. As well as help others struggling.

This is a short outline of a interesting story.