Joni is a grateful recovering addict since June 26, 2014


Hi! I am Joni and I am a grateful recovering addict.  My clean birthdate is June 26, 2014! 
I am sharing my story of recovery for inspiration for others who have not found recovery yet and for the families of those addicts, to give hope, and to let them know, there is another way of life! 

My story starts when I was just a kid, by the age of 12 I was smoking weed and cigarettes and drinking occasionally. I didn't have a bad up bringing, I just found myself more accepted with a rough group of people ,who at the time, were my friends. My addiction for anything mind altering progressed throughout my teenage years.

By the time I was 16 years old, I was fully addicted to hallucinates. I was still active in sports and went to school every day, even graduated when I was 17. As most do, my addiction progressed. My drug of choice became meth. At the age of 17 I was a meth addict. I remember getting high in my bedroom when I was 17 and my mom walking in.  Instead of beating me senseless, she asked where the sack was.  She then sat down and got high with me. From that point on, I thought what I was doing was ok.

My addiction continued throughout my adulthood. I've been arrested twice. The first time I didn't show up to court and the second time is when I decided that I didn't want to live that way anymore. I always wanted to get clean, but honestly I couldn't do it by myself.

While in jail, I applied to take a program called Tulsa County Drug Court. Instead of 10 years of prison time, I was offered and was accepted. This program is an 18 month program with counseling, drug tests anywhere from 4 to 7 days a week and weekly court. If I failed to successfully complete the program, I'd go to prison. However, if I completed it, then I'd have probation, or even better, all my felonies would be expunged.

I completed the program and got everything expunged and I took everything, all the tools they gave me, to heart. I loved this program!  Through this program I met people who introduced me to the NA program. After drug court, I was scared, I didn't have to drug test anymore. I needed like minded people around me and NA was exactly what I needed.

Now, I work steps and I go to meetings.  I am also a peer recovery support specialist and an advocate and mentor for people who are currently in the drug court program. I have a job, I am a very active mother to a 5 year old boy who will grow up proud to have me as a mom.

I have built so many amazing friendships, and an amazing relationship with my family! There is another way to live, and the other way to live is amazing! To the still suffering addicts, please find a program that works for you.  Set dreams that turn into goals and turn them into reality!