Johnny is one year sober


It took me 4 tries and 3 failed attempts to achieve this one year cake. One year ago, I was almost killed by getting jumped outside a bar. For the second time. I kept trying to prove I could drink like anyone and and everyone.

I have accepted the fact that I just can't safely use alcohol. I have finally surrendered. I get a daily reprieve based on my spiritual condition. I found my higher power and I choose to call God. I found peace and I found the program of recovery. It saved my life and gave me a life I never thought possible! 

I think that it would help people to know that it's ok if they get knocked down.  You just need to get back up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward. I'm fortunate to have found the program of recovery and I wanna spread the message... YOU too can recovery from a hopeless state of mind and body...

-Recovery Rockstar, Johnny 

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