Jennifer A. is a grateful addict that is now living the best life ever...SOBER!

I struggled with the disease of addiction from the first time I picked up a drink in 1985. I blacked out woke up bleeding  and said "wow that was great let's do it again!" I was only 14. I became a teenage alcoholic and addict.

I went to my first meeting in 1986, but didn't stay sober.  I found the rock and roll lifestyle and became a radio personality.  It was all sex, drugs, and rock and roll. It was great until seven possession charges, 4 DUI charges, and hurting everyone who loved me (not like I gave a shit at the time).

I lost my career and and my soul. While in drug court I found the drug Flakka (Google it).  It didn't show up on the test so I thought I was beating the system . Well I'm grateful for that drug because it brought me to my knees and after decades of addiction, I finally surrendered.

Today I stay in the middle of the program. I treat my disease daily and keep my contact with God. I don't let my broken thinker talk to me. I pick up the phone and pray. That's my medicine coupled with meetings and the book. Today I am a grateful addict and have the best life ever; sober. I have Jennifer back and I love her!