Hunter is 1000 days sober


1000 days sober today and 19 years old!!!!! Thankful for the endless support, the programs I've been a part of, the service I've been gifted, and my spirituality. Always thankfulšŸ™thanks for being part of it.

It has definitely been a journey- my recovery. Every day I learn new lessons and the greatest lesson I've learned is to be teachable. I'm still learning more and more about each of the 12 steps every day and how it applies to any current struggle I may have. I love my life today. I have gained anything and everything I have wanted. I am still young in my sobriety and experience. I try my best to take it one day at a time and to reach out to another person that I feel connected to in recovery.

When I first came to the rooms I had to remind myself that no one person speaks for a 12 step program. I tried my best to take any suggestion given to me and if it didn't help after I tried to my best ability, I would move on to the next suggestion. Through taking suggestions and figuring out what works for me I've found that many people in the rooms of the meetings I may attend all have a similar way of processing things and working through life. 

-Recovery Rockstar, Hunter