Zachary is turning a negative addiction to a positive addiction


My story begins straight out of high school, I was introduced to the drug known as "spice" and even though most people laugh when that's said, most people have never even tried spice. I was fascinated with the way it made music change and colors more vibrant it took those peaceful feelings and intensified them. But as a young man with only a temp job and a baby on the way I fell into a depression and spice was so easy and cheap to get I used it as a way out of my negative thoughts, but that was the exact opposite of what it did. It turned me into a liar to my wife, a walking zombie numb to everything but that feeling of being high.

When I finally ran out of cash I broke down to my wife and told her everything. That I have been acting like I was losing cash, I put the money in gas, when really I was buying drugs. After that I got clean off drugs and started to have a drink every once in a while. I never had a thing for alcohol. All my family and friends drank, but really I would drink at parties or bbq's. But after a little while it turned into a every day thing mostly after work just to go to sleep, but then it turned into daily occurrence.

And then it all hit, I went on a hunting trip that changed my life forever. I was stalking a bull and I bumped a mountain lion that did not like me walking up on him feeding and the encounter was beyond to close for comfort. When I got home from the mountain I told people what happened I started to drown myself in whiskey started at 5am and ended when I passed out on the floor when I got home from work.

I was labeled a high functioning alcoholic, considering the fact I could drive, work and pretty much go about my day intoxicated and no one ever knowing. Not even my own wife. But after selling all of my possessions even possessions of others for that 15 dollar half gallon of Canadian host that I kept so close every day of the week. I found myself waking up alone, in the dark of my own house not knowing where I was. And that was the point where I slowly stumbled up the stairs to my wife sleeping soundly in bed. I woke her and said I need help, I have a problem and I need you to support me.

The next day I walked into a meeting and have been sober ever since. Going on three years sober this coming Halloween. And that is the story that has brought me here, starting a brand to help others replace their negative addiction with a positive addiction.