Herb has battled the nightmare of addiction for the past 14 years

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My name is Herb Stepherson was I born in Jonesboro, Georgia.  I am the middle child of three boys. I spent my youth like most young boys in central Georgia, riding bikes and playing sports- baseball in particular. My family relocated to North West Indiana in 1997, when I was twelve years old. I attended Valparaiso High School until 2002, and since then, I've been involved in the fight for my life.

I've been battling the nightmares of addiction for the past fourteen years. My first drug use was at fifteen, which was alcohol and from there quickly progressed to prescription pain medication and ultimately cocaine and heroin. Heroin and cocaine took me to the absolute edges of humanity. I ended up homeless, eating food out of dumpsters, and strung out in some of the roughest neighborhoods in Chicago, in the dead of winter. The winter months are brutal in the Midwest with temperatures plummeting down towards forty degrees below zero. I slept in abandon buildings, airport terminals, and under bridges clinging to two basic needs: more heroin and to be numbed from the wreckage that this drug was creating in my life. All the while trying my best to keep hope alive that maybe one day I would finally be able to conquer this demon of addiction and recover.

Jails, institutions, and death. I experienced them all. I've been to the bitterest of ends, and reached a point in my life where suicide became the only real option for relief against this thing called addiction. But, God intervened and delivered me from the death grip that my self- induced death sentence had on me. I wrote my story at junkboxdiaries.com and my book “Junkbox Diaries” – A day in the life of a heroin addict is a stark, dark, and gripping account of what life is really like for the addict trapped in active drug use.

Today, I celebrate life as a young man in recovery!  I'm an intervention coordinator, a budding young writer, a loving and active father to my five-year-old son, Lucas, and I speak on behalf of numerous agencies in my community hoping to shed some light on the true battles with heroin addiction.

I believe my story can save lives.  If you are interested in hearing my journey, my book can be found on www.herbstepherson.com.

Instagram: @herbs_eye_view