Hannah was saved after being a drug addict for 4 years

Hey! My name is Hannah, I'm 22 years old and I'm from a small little town in Tennessee. There's not a whole lot to do so when you're bored you kinda find some trouble to get into. I grew up in a wonderful, loving home. My mom is a school teacher and my daddy is a prison guard. So you could say that I grew up in a pretty strict environment.

I always had good grades in school and I never got into trouble. I got into highschool where I started running track and became very good at it. This is when unwanted attention began to take place. I met my best friend Jessica and from then on out, it was partying non stop. I had received a full ride scholarship to a very prestige college but that soon deteriorated because I began drinking alcohol heavily and smoking marijuana regularly. I lost my scholarship and this was when I became depressed. One day, Jessica asked me if I wanted to smoke a pain pill with her, I kept saying no but finally gave in.

This is when hell on earth began for me. I smoked that pain pill and after that first one I started stealing from my parents, robbing people, and I didn't care about anything. When my parents found out I was sent to a secular rehab for 6 days. I left after the 6th day only to return back home to smoking pills. I was so skinny I looked like a skeleton.

I was miserable, had so much shame and guilt it was almost unbearable. I put a pistol to my head and demanded from my mother to give my pills back to me. I met a man who almost destroyed me. His name was Jay and he introduced me to opanas. We spent a year of stealing, lying and manipulating every single person we knew. He was physically abusive to me and left me for dead on multiple occasions on the side of the road. I would hide black eyes and busted lips all the time. I ended up getting a domestic assault as my first jail charge with him after he busted the windshield out of my car. Soon after that I received a DUI, and soon after that I got 2 theft charges over $1000. I had finally hit my rock bottom.

My lord and savior had been watching me the entire time and putting my path in order for me to follow in the near future. I overdosed right before I was to serve my jail time and woke up ready to change. On September 9th, 2015 I arrived 15 hours away to Teen Challenge in Louisiana. This program is 18 months long, 12 months as a student and 6 months as an intern.

I was so ready for change. I got saved and let Jesus Christ come into my heart and deliver me of all of my anxiety, fear and worry. He has truly changed me. I saw that there was no hope but He saw that there was healing and beauty in the break down. I was a drug addict for 4 years and I know that there is complete freedom and victory for every alcoholic, depressed person, and drug addict in the world. Christ is made strong in our weakness! I pray for every drug addict in this world and I know what the key is. It's our God. 

I am now an intern in Louisiana at Teen Challenge and I counsel and minister to women and children who are just as broken as I was. I want to help others find Jesus and allow him to break all of their chains.