For Evan, six months sober has gone from impossible to unbelievable

6 Months sober has officially gone from impossible to unbelievable!  When I entered AA I had no idea it was a spiritual program. I thought its purpose was to teach self control. I'd learn how to stop drinking and drugging the way I was, or even altogether. Then I found the core of AA, which is application of spiritual principles.

The things I looked up to my dad for exuding, yet myself, had abandoned so many years ago. Drinking and drugging weren't my problem. If that's all I had "fixed", I'd still be dead inside. I'd still be living a self serving, instantly gratifying, shameful lifestyle that ultimately hurts the people I love most, and destroys myself from the inside out.

Coming to acknowledge that addiction is just too big for me to overcome on my own, I began to rely on the faith that a Higher Power than me exists and can restore me to the person I was created to be. Humble. Grateful. Calm. Loving. Serving. Patient. Kind. Forgiving. Faithful. Honest. Courageous.

I was in denial of needing to change because I thought that it wouldn't be fun on the other side. And while I am SO far away from where I may be headed, I'm consistently growing, and staying open minded. The result of the choice has been more rewarding than I ever imagined!!

I share this because what got me through the beginning was hearing other people's happiness from the other side. How much they loved life, others, and themselves. And even though it sounded unrealistic, their stories gave me motivation. It is a never ending process and I'm so grateful for how far I've gotten to come. I encourage anyone that is thinking they might want this, to give it a real shot. The blessings are astounding and the peace that comes with healing is priceless. Trust God. Clean House. Help Others.