Dylan reached out for help

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September is National Recovery Month, so I wanted to share a little about myself. I consider myself to be in recovery every single day. Not many people knew about my disease. I was the guy that kept it very low key. I dealt with it many years on my own until I was ready to find help. I finally came to terms with my disease, and needed a way out! If you've ever met or dealt with anybody who is an addict then you know the hell I have experienced.

Addiction is a disease that doesn't discriminate. It doesn't care how old you are, if your gay, straight, black, brown or fucking green. It pulls you in and it brings you to a very dark place. For all you know the person sitting next to you in your living room can be an addict without you knowing. That was me. I finally reached out for help, and I wouldn't be where I am today without my support group, friends, and family.

Let your words be heard. Know that you're not alone! I try my best to help others now because it can feel very isolating at times. I want people to know that it is okay and it DOES get better. It will take lots of work, but your life is worth it. You're beautiful. You're loved. 

-Recovery Rockstar, Dylan