Dominique wants you to know that recovery and life is worth it

Back in July, I fell into the deepest hole I've ever gotten in. I've struggled with depression on & off for 4 years now, but this most recent one was by far the most darkest. I completely lost who I was. I thought about suicide every single day for 5 months & I was always one thought away from giving up. Until one day I took a leap of faith and made a counseling appointment. That's all it took; one brave moment.

I still struggle sometimes and life is far from perfect, but I'm learning that's okay because life is worth it. Recovery, as messy as it may be, is worth it. I am honestly so damn grateful I never made that choice to end my life because life is pretty amazing.

Back in July, if you told me I would be doing as great as I am, I would've laughed because I didn't even think I'd be here right now. And though I still have dark moments, I now know that life is worth it and I have the tools to get through it. So please, if you're in a dark place right now, please consider this and know that you CAN get better. You're never too far gone. Recovery is within reach. Find help. All is takes is one brave moment.