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My name is Jess. Some may know me by Whos That Girl Dj or A Sober Girls Guide.
This is the story of how those personas came to be...

I moved to Los Angeles from Vancouver, Canada about 9 years ago. I was in desperate need of a new scene, new people and a new life. I got a job at a top hair salon in Beverly Hills. I was dating a club promoter and I really wanted to get into Dj'ing. I had done a few little gigs back in Vancouver but nothing major. I started djing at my girlfriend's club and I was instantly addicted. I was addicted to the music, the attention and of course the free booze!

Soon enough my DJ gigs over took my hair career and I became a full-time Hollywood DJ.  The gigs got bigger and bigger and so did my stage fright. I started to develop pretty intense anxiety and used alcohol and drugs to cope. I couldn't or let's say I didn't want to go out and "shoot the shit" with agents and club promoters without being inebriated. I felt I wasn't interesting, funny or sexy if I didn't have a drink in my hand.  When I was wasted it was a free for all!

Unfortunately, nothing too horrible happened. I say unfortunately because it enabled me to keep going on and on like this for years. Trust me I have done a lot of weird shit! I was pregnant and had to have an abortion. This may not be too out there or weird to most of you, but here's the kicker,  I am lesbian, so you do the math! 

I have been trying to get sober or find out why I had such an unhealthy relationship with alcohol for most of my adult life.  Getting sober and staying sober has been a long time coming. My turning point and what really made this time stick was my perspective. In the past when I have tried to quit drinking I felt like I was on a diet. Like alcohol was some forbidden substance and that I would be missing out and maybe I could have a cheat day and it would satisfy that longing and craving. This shit was all in my head. I started thinking about what I want my life to look like. How I wanted to be happy and healthy. In order to maintain that happy healthy lifestyle I loved so much, alcohol could not part of that equation.

Alcohol is actually the opposite of what makes me happy and healthy. It makes me sad, bloated, anxious and left with a ton of guilt and remorse.  I made the choice and told alcohol to hit the bricks. Since my change of perspective about not drinking I honestly have not had a craving or problem being out at bars and clubs.  With this awesome perspective, I have gotten super clear about my life and what I want to do. 

I started " A Sober Girls Guide" blog a few months ago and I love it. It's basically a roadmap or tips and tricks to a wickedly awesome sober lifestyle. It's geared mainly toward girls (guys are always welcome too ;)  that want to live a sober lifestyle and would like a little inspiration and motivation along the way.  I talk about everything. I have posted about my interviews with sober women in business, meditation and breathing exercises and even having sex sober!

I am starting to take on clients who want a personal sober lifestyle guide. This one on one coaching will include how to's tailored to every individual client. From career and personal goal setting, manifesting your dream life to living mindful and sober day to day. I will be there to keep you on the straight and narrow, with maybe a couple of stops for ice cream and shoes, who doesn't love shoe shopping !?

I am very grateful to be living a happy, healthy, sober lifestyle and truly believe that being a sober lifestyle coach is my purpose in life.

P.S I still Dj. I have gigs at various hot spots around Los Angeles and some out of town. 

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