Danny is over 217 days sober and loving life

The pic on the left is a 21 year old man underachieving who is hooked on cocaine, molly, adderall, Xanax, and a raging alcoholic. The man on the right is 217 days sober and 24 years old. He has lost 38 pounds. Bought his dream car. Paid his mother's bills. Inspired thousands. He is also the first of his family to graduate college, a published author, a businessman, motivational speaker, fitness enthusiast, and philanthropist.

I didn't get treatment. I found things I'm passionate about and obsessing over them led to me getting clean. YOU CAN DO THE SAME AND STAY CLEAN FOLLOWING MY ADVICE!!! Be confident in yourself and stay positive about your journey to sobriety.  Partying is overrated. Seeing your family so proud of you that it brings tears to their eyes, now that's a high even a wordsmith like myself has a hard time describing...

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