Colicchie is 3 years clean


"Through God's grace and mercy and the program of -- today WE celebrate 3 years clean. I was once so spiritually dead, broken, and empty. I truly wanted to die every morning I woke up. I didn't have one single friend. I lived such a torturous existence. I never thought that I would ever get and stay clean.

Today my life is amazing. Honestly, all I do is smile and laugh all day long. I have an infinite amount of love and support from my family, friends and fans. This last year has been incredible, between having my daughter, work, and everything great that has happened for my music, I am so so grateful. I'm genuinely living my dreams.

I've had really good friends that are no longer here that deserved this just as much as me, if not more. This is actually the third time that I've had multiple years clean. I can't explain it in words how this time's different, it just is, it's just something I feel. I practice complete abstinence and there's no doubt in my mind if it wasn't for my involvement in a 12 step fellowship and my relationship with God, that I would've been dead a long time ago.

My message to anyone that is reading this... is never count yourself out, regardless of how hopeless you feel, never give up. No matter how many times you fail, you try again. We are able to bounce back and get up from anything."  -Recovery Rockstars, Colicchie