Christina is over 11 years clean


Recovery IS Possible!!

Hi, I’m an addict and my name is Christina and my clean date is 3/1/07. My story is the same as many others. I grew up in a normal family, started using drugs recreationally, and then things got out of hand. I definitely used drugs to feel a part of. I wanted to be well liked and the life of the party.

I was constantly cutting class to get high and thought that because I was well liked by my teachers they would just let me pass. That wasn’t the case. January of my senior year I was told I wasn’t gonna graduate. I decided to leave to get my GED rather than repeat a 5th year. Watching my friends walk across that stage while I sat and watched was the first real consequence of my addiction.

After that, my disease just progressed. I was using every day. Getting paid on Friday and I would be broke by Friday night. I was stealing from Peter to pay Paul. I was in a constant state of anxiety wondering if I would run into someone I owed money to. I didn’t really understand at the time that I was an addict. I still thought I was having fun and doing the same thing as everyone else.

At 22 I was introduced to cocaine and by 24 I was so bankrupt emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. I was so desperate to stop, but didn’t know how. While out on what would be my last bender, I got a voice message from my dad. He was crying saying that he didn’t know where I was, but I needed to come home. I went home 2 days later and all my stuff was packed in garbage bags and basically I was told to get help or get out. I finally made the decision to get help.

Here I am 11.5 years later and I’m still clean. I never, not even for one moment, regret my decision to get and stay clean. Today I am proud of the woman I am and I could never say that before. I feel like I owe my whole life to recovery. I’ve experienced so many good things since staying clean-getting married, having my daughter, true relationships with friends, my family’s love and support, traveling, going back to school and getting my degree, the list goes on. I’ve also experienced a lot of life on life’s terms-I’ve lost friends, got divorced, lost jobs, experienced a lot of death, but recovery has taught me how to walk through life’s most difficult moment with grace and dignity. I no longer need to cause destruction when things end or cause others pain just because I’m hurting. I can feel those moments and still find the lesson and gratitude within it.

I can’t say enough about what staying clean and recovery has done for me. I just hope that someone can identify with my story and know they aren’t alone. Just keep coming! Thanks for letting me share!