Cassidy is 2 years sober on June 6th

June 6th marks 2 years clean and free from drugs and alcohol!  I struggled with heroin addiction for 10 years, scarred up my arms, and even attempted suicide.  I was trying to fill a void that drugs could not completely fill.

After my 5th rehab, I finally raised the white flag and SURRENDERED!  Today, I have an amazing life and I can actually be present for the important things in my life. I never ever have to go back to those glazed over, retracted pupils, and grayish looking skin.

Today, I am free and genuinely HAPPY!  I want you to know that #wecanrecover and there's a better way to live without drugs and alcohol! Maintaining my spiritual fitness involves staying connected with my Higher Power, working the steps, sponsorship and service for others! I am absolutely grateful and blessed that today my biggest flaws have become my greatest assets to help others suffering from this disease.