Two years sober, Casey is living the dream everyday

I had pretty much developed a heavy drug and alcohol problem at 22. It spiraled way out of control in many ways, shapes, and forms. Towards the end it was all about making money and living the life as they call it to the nine. I ran hard. Then there came a point in my 15 1/2 years of meth and alcohol use, that I had to make the ultimate choice. Stay that way forever until I died; or give 110% to making a change and see it through with no excuses. I made that decision 12/29/14.

It was the fight of my life to stop not only drugs and alcohol, but all of the criminality and lifestyle along with it. It all had to stop. I started attending a home group, got a sponsor, worked the steps and read the aa book, got a support group and kept them close....the change was underway.

While I understand this process is going to take maximum effort for the rest of my days, I wouldn't have it any other way! I went from jobless, homeless, family and real friendless, to the complete opposite. Now I have a full time job, work with clients having a&d issues as well as criminal justice involvement.  I have my own place, have all of my family back in my life with stronger relationships than ever, real friends, and the good Lord #1 at the top of it all!

So I say this...two years sober and life today was the result of gods will, the program of aa, and a lot of hard intense work! I literally am living the dream everyday! I get to be inspiration/motivation to clients. I've been there and I've done it all! I get to be proud of who I am today. Something a lot of us in our addictions struggled with, and weren't. I am the person I always dreamed of being; and the exciting part is I'm justgetting started! The biggest hope I can give to anyone in recovery really works if you work it! If I can do it, so can you! Know, trust, and believe it! Sky's the limit!