Caitlin is 20 months clean from heroin and xanax!

Hey everyone! My name is Caitlin and I have been clean from heroin and xanax for 20 months as of today! I have struggled with drugs since I was 14. I started using heroin and xanax at 15. I also abused any opiates, benzos, and anything else I could get.

I used because I was shy and insecure and hated myself. I couldn't stop. I tried to get clean multiple times and couldn't do it. When I was 18, I got arrested. I had heroin and xanax on me. I got charged with possession of a dangerous drug and a DUI. I had the choice between jail, probation, or a drug diversion program. I chose the diversion program. I got drug tested 3 times a week and that finally did it. I was clean.

The pain I felt inside was slowly disappearing. I started doing yoga and meditating, going to meetings and getting a sponsor. I actually got asked to be a sponsor! Unfortunately, most people in my meetings said I wouldn't stay clean because I was young. That it was impossible. And you know what? I DID IT! And you can do it too. Just because you are young does NOT mean you can't stay clean!

No matter your age, gender, religion, you can get clean. And you are WORTH IT! Everyone deserves happiness! If you are struggling with sobriety, reach out to someone. Anyone is more than welcome to contact me and talk! I am going on almost 2 years of sobriety and it's amazing. No drug is worth your life, or your happiness. Recovery is possible!

I'm 20 months clean and have an amazing support system! I have my amazing family and a loving boyfriend and I'm so glad to be clean! You can get through anything without drugs. You are worth it! Surround yourself with positive CLEAN people. Go to meetings. Do step work. And please remember, your age means nothing! If you are 15 and using, you can get clean! If you are 60 and using, you can get clean! You deserve recovery and happiness! Don't continue suffering. Get the help you deserve!