Brandi's recovery is filled with strength, hope, and courage

I can't believe that 03.03.17 is going to mark 4 years of recovery. My story is filled with strength, Hope and Courage. I grew up in an upper class neighborhood and was raised by a single mother. My father was killed when I was very young. To support the lifestyle that my mom and I had come accustomed to, she practically lived at the company she owned. I was left alone all the time.

At the age of 13, first year of cheer practice, I had a friend introduce me to cocaine. Telling me that you can stay really thin and have energy. That it'll make you better at everything. I didn't think twice.  In the moment I snorted the line I was completely hooked. I went from cocaine to adderall pills and diet pills. Everyone of my friends made it look so glamorous.

As I approached college and entered into modeling and ring girl work drugs were very prevalent, as they were everywhere.  It was so socially accepted. I had this stigma of what an addict looked like, the kind of house they lived in, car they drove etc.  I'm like that's not me. I was in denial for so long because money unfortunately can cover up a lot of wreckage.

At age 30 I lost my home, my license, spent a year in jail, and 6 months in patient rehab. I left rehab 3.03.13 and have been in recovery ever since. And during the past 4 years have built a bigger and better life. There's hope. Please know that no matter how hard life gets, as long as we are clean and sober we can handle anything life throws our way. Please check out my profile. I would love to have as many like minded people follow me as possible and yes I follow back. Love and light.

Instagram: Brandi_Sienna