Bekah is one year sober


At the age of 14 I began drinking regularly with friends either in the girls bathroom at school or at the local golf green. We'd meet up and sit around drinking whatever alcohol we'd managed to swipe from our parents or convince older kids to buy for us. 

From the very beginning I was a get drunk kind of drinker. I didn't mean to be. I didn't want to be. I just didn't know how NOT to be. Alcohol posed as the freedom I'd been desperate for since the first time I was sexually assaulted and that was all the encouragement I needed, I fell in love with it hook line and sinker. 

Four years later I was a top shelf alcoholic with a massive taste for both party and clinical drugs. I was living in a caravan without power and collecting running water from a hose outside while working three jobs just to finance my addiction and at the time I didn't see anything wrong with that picture. The first photo was taken at the beginning of my relationship with my local drug and alcohol services, not long before I entered into residential treatment for two months. The second photo was taken just a week before my 1 year sobriety birthday which was thus August 10th. To say that recovery has been easy in any faucet would be a monumental lie but I can say this, even the worst days in recovery are worth it to get to keep meeting and loving the incredible people I've gotten to meet and love so far - my sober self included! I may have lost everything when I came into recovery but recovery has given me more than I could ever have imagined. It truly does work if you work at it!

-Recovery Rockstar, Bekah