Andrea is almost 4 years free from booze and pills

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I am a little nervous about posting this photo but I’ve learned that if I want to help others it’s important for me to share the parts of myself that I’m most afraid to share.

The first picture is my mug shot from 2009. My SECOND DUI. Yes, my second DUI.

I was so addicted to alcohol and pills and I would party every night and eat fast food to sober up each day.I hated myself. I was so empty inside and all I cared about was numbing myself with food and booze and pills.

After spending over 8 hours sobering up in jail I made the decision to change my life.

I felt so out of control and I knew the only thing I could control at that point was how I treated myself so I started lifting weights, eating healthy and cut back on drinking.

Fitness helped save my life.

I then became a certified personal trainer and created, an online fitness, nutrition & motivation business for busy women. I quit drinking and taking pills all together [been sober almost 4 years now] I started my own online workout, nutrition & coaching business to help other women make a positive change in their life too.

I just want you to know that you don’t have to be ashamed or embarrassed by your past failures.

Maybe you’ve gained 80 lbs, got arrested, got fired from a job, quit college, are addicted to food, drugs, sex or even porn.

Whatever is going on in your life I want you to know that it IS POSSIBLE to make a change and that you are worth it.

I know that living a healthy lifestyle, working out and eating better was the one step that helped me to start turning my life around.

I felt confident, I started to believe and trust in myself and now I am here to help YOU do the same.

For the longest time I was sooo scared someone would see my mug shot and it would ruin my career and reputation. That was just my limiting belief trying to keep me from taking steps in the right direction!

No one is perfect.. we have all endured our own journeys and we all deserve a chance to rewrite our life story regardless of the past!

If I could find the courage to make the change, to take that first step- I know you can too and I'd love to help you become the confident person you have always dreamed of



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