After 20 years of being an addict alcoholic, Jennifer is 4 years sober!


My name is Jennifer I'm a recovering alcoholic addict for 4 years now. I was an addict alcoholic for way over 20 yrs my life.  I was a mess and in so much misery due to my choices in life! I lost my kids, my house, my job, my car, and most importantly I lost myself to alcohol and meth!

I started meth at 19 and from there my life really went out of control. I was homeless for many many years, but one day I just woke up and said I'm done! I had a good friend that gave me a safe place to sleep.  For two weeks I worked on getting myself clean and rested. I knew from there on, my life was going to change for the better!

I was clean and sober for 5 months and needed to get out of my small town. I put myself in Hannah's house, the best decision of my life!  I stayed there 8 months and became the house manager.  I graduated from a program called "Champions" in cap and gown and then "Hannah's House" in cap and gown!  They were the best days if my life!

After leaving Hannah's House, I moved in with my son.  He helped me fill out applications and by the grace of God today, I have a job going on 3 years now!  I have an apartment and a car which my brother and sister-in-law blessed me with!  That in itself is amazing!

My journey of recovery has been an amazing part of my life.  I love who I am today! I fought extremely hard to get where I'm at.  I can tell you, it's never too late and YOU are worth It! I'm now 43 and I thank God everyday for saving my life and giving me my sons, my amazing father, and my family back to me!   Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be where I'm at today! The best thing is I got my sanity back!  It wasn't easy, but it was all worth it!

Thank you for letting me share some of my story! GOD BLESS 9/5/2012, JESUS SAVED ME!